How To Donate

Sponsoring an Event

Sponsoring an event can be done using our sponsorship form.

Please see all our events for events that can be sponsored.

Payroll Giving

Another tax efficient way of fundraising for our school. You can donate a portion of your salary to FOWPS before TAX!

This is set up for you by your EMPLOYER so even less work for you.

See this link for details here or simply enquire at your PAYROLL office.

Match Funding

As a registered charity we are eligible for “Match funding”. Match funding or Match giving is an arrangement between a company and one of their employees. Usually, the company pledges to match a sum of money raised by their employee for a named charity of the employee’s choice. This funding usually coincides with a specific event, so if your organisation will match fund and you are willing to fundraise yourself you can DOUBLE the money given to FOWPS.

Donate Here

You can also donat directly on this website: