King of the Castle

The King of the Castle event will celebrate the coronation of the King.

Our challenge has been set…Can Whitchurch Primary School bounce their way around the
Kings Commonwealth Countries?

The journey from the UK to the furthest commonwealth islands North, South, East and
West equates to 33,618 miles (double the distance of our Easter bounce challenge last

1 bounce will equal 1 mile

So that is 33,618 bounces!!

The King of the Castle will see each year group invited to the ’King of the (Bouncy) Castle
Arena’ which will host 3 large bouncy castles! The children will be on a rota and given the
chance to clock up as many bounces as they can in their allotted time.

During the time that the children are not bouncing, we will be hosting a street party with
outdoor games and fun, to celebrate the coronation.

Sponsorship for the King of the Castle

The challenge should be lots of fun and it would be great to have as many children get
involved with the sponsored event, though it is not compulsory for children to be
sponsored – they will still be involved in all the fun. All children who participate will
receive a commemorative coronation bookmark when they complete their bounce.

If you are keen to get involved in sponsorship, you will find the form on the reverse of this
letter. Please complete the form and return it and any sponsorship money in a named
envelope to your child’s class teacher by Friday 12th May. Alternatively, you can donate
via the donations page. Make sure to leave a comment!